Silver Diamine Flouride

Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, is an FDA-approved antibiotic liquid that, when applied topically, can stop decay from progressing. While this treatment probably won’t prevent the need for a restoration in the future, it has been proven effective in stopping further decay until either the baby tooth is lost, or a more permanent means of repair, like a filling or crown, can be performed.

The Procedure

After the treatment area is isolated and dried, the Silver Diamine Fluoride is applied to the decay using a small brush. Then, a fluoride-infused sealer is placed over the Silver Diamine fluoride so it can work its magic undisturbed.

A follow-up appointment about a week later makes sure the Silver Diamine Fluoride is working, and a second application is applied.

After your child’s procedure, daily home treatment with a fluoride rinse (like ACT) is recommended, as is twice daily brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste.

What to Expect After Treatment

After your appointment, you or child may notice some discoloration where the SDF made contact with the surrounding tissue of the gum, skin or an existing restoration.  The decayed area where the Silver Diamine Fluoride was applied will also turn dark. This is an indication that the SDF is working and is perfectly natural.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a safe, FDA-approved, effective way to stop decay in its tracks. However, if your child has a silver sensitivity, please let us know before their appointment.